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Developing the whole child

Rosewood Academy children advance to kindergarten ready to learn. And teachers at the “big schools” confirm it!

Florida was the first state to initiate a pre-kindergarten experience available to all children regardless of income. If a child is age four before September 1, the child is eligible to attend a Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program (VPK), which is offered at Rosewood Academy. The State of Florida standards state that children be prepared for a kindergarten experience with 540 hours of instruction in classes with a 1:11 ratio of teacher to students and no more than 22 children in a classroom.

Rosewood Academy far exceeds parents’ expectations and teachers regularly find our VPK children well-prepared and ready to learn when they reach the Kindergarten level. That’s because we offer a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated learning opportunities with hands-on activities where your child can explore and manipulate real objects and events. These activities encourage children to:

  • Solve problems
  • Be creative
  • Be independent
  • Investigate
  • Discover

Rosewood Academy emphasizes development of the whole child – physically, cognitively and socially. In our VPK program, children will develop skills in:

  • Language and literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Creativity

They will build listening skills, phonological awareness, reading and writing skills, expressive language skills, and build an understanding of numbers, patterns, shapes and so much more.

Our VPK classrooms are arranged into clearly defined learning areas that include language and literacy, math/manipulative, dramatic play, art, blocks, science, music and movement, as well as outside play. Children work on social and emotional development as well as health and physical development. This program encourages positive interactions to better enhance the child’s feelings of comfort, security and self-esteem. Self-control, responsibility and respect for self, others and property are key concepts they’ll learn. Children also develop an appreciation of their roles as members of the family, classroom and the community as well as a respect for differences in people.

Physical development is also emphasized. Rosewood Academy VPK children participate in a variety of gross-motor activities to develop control, balance, strength and coordination. They participate in activities that foster fine motor development and begin to understand healthy and safe living practices.

This program addresses all phases of learning and assessment is ongoing, involving parents and caregivers.

VPK Enrollment

To find out if there are openings in Rosewood Academy’s VPK program, please contact us. We encourage you to stop by one of our locations for a tour and more specific details on enrollment. We look forward to meeting you and your child at Rosewood Academy!

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